Please read the following carefully before you sign.


Travelers Holiday booking will be confirmed on receipt of the following:
Completed Booking and Medical Forms with the Terms & Conditions signed.
Deposit of $500 required for all domestic holidays and $1000 for all International Holidays.
All bookings are subject to our acceptance.


Payments via EFT to Special Care Travel ANZ Bank BSB 014 688 Account 219985625
Cheque to Special Care Travel P.O. Box 59 Emu Park QLD 4710


Travel Insurance is mandatory for all our overseas holidays and Cruises within Australia.
We strongly recommend that travelers take out effective and adequate Travel Insurance at the time of making payment, to protect against the possibility that belongings may be lost, stolen or destroyed or that any injury may be suffered while on tour or cancellation costs due to unforeseen circumstances.
Please be sure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions on your application for Insurance as these conditions not disclosed or approved will not be covered by the Insurer.


As the special care and planning required to make our tours so successful requires long term planning, we are required to make firm commitments well prior to the commencement date of the tour, such as paying for airline tickets, transport, accommodation, and to appoint staff months in advance of tours, therefore we are generally not entitled to reimbursement in cases of cancellation.
Deposits must be paid within 14 days of booking or immediately if within 60 days of departure.
Should the cancellation be needed due to natural disaster, act of God, threat of terrorism or similar reasons and we have paid third party suppliers and are not entitled for refunds. Special Care Travel is unable to refund any amounts that are unrecoverable. All cancellations must be made in writing to Special Care Travel.
Cancellation fees are:
$200 of the Deposit paid is non-refundable to cover our administration costs.

Australian Holidays 1-30 Days prior to departure 100%
31-60 Days prior to departure 50%
Cruise Air or Train 0-60 Days prior to departure 100%
61-90 Days prior to departure 50%
International 0-120 Days prior to departure 100%
121-150 Days prior to departure 50%

Payments will be fully refunded if we replace the position on the tour. If the tour involves an airfare, cruise payment the cost of the name change on the ticket will need to be deducted from refund.
Final payment must be received by Special Care Travel by the due date on your invoice
NDIS portion will be claimed from your plan as soon as the holiday has been completed.
If your plan changes or is suspended, replaced and we are unable to claim the agreed NDIS portion
the Traveler or Legal representative will be liable for the balance owing.


Photo’s and video will be taken whilst on holidays and may be used in promotional material unless requested otherwise by the traveler.


Cancel, modify or change a tour due to circumstances beyond our control or that the minimum number of participants is not reached.
We will give you reasonable notice of the change or cancellation and offer a comparable holiday, should you wish not to change we will give a full refund.

Special Care Travel reserves the right to withdraw any traveler or anyone whose behaviour is likely to affect the smooth operation of the tour or adversely affect the enjoyment or safety of themselves, other travelers, staff or other people. Special Care Travel shall be under no liability to such person. The traveler will be liable in the event of any damage to property or persons which they may have caused. In the event of a traveler needing to be withdrawn from our tour due to medical or behaviour reasons, it is the responsibility of the person being withdrawn, or their Guardian, to meet the costs incurred by Special Care Travel in the process of returning that person. It is the responsibility of the person’s Carer or Organisation to collect the traveler from our holiday location.

Please be aware that Special Care Travel does not cater for self-injurious, violent or aggressive behaviours. Staff ratios are set to ensure the safety of everyone whilst on holiday and that the staff ratio is appropriate to the Travelers needs.


Return travel from departure point.
All meals Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
All sightseeing entries
Personal care & full support
Photos from holiday


Cost of passports, visas, permits and re-entry visas
Airport tax (where applicable)
Excess baggage expenses Over 20kg in weight or oversize items.
Wheelchair and other equipment rental (Although we can organise these for you)
Travel Insurance, repair, or replacement of any property damaged
Purchase of toiletry laundry or medical items, drinks, telephone expenses and other items of a personal nature.
Any medical costs, or costs arising from a medical condition or health reasons that may require extra accommodation, transport or change of passage will be at the Travelers or the Legal Representatives expense.


It is the responsibility of the person completing the Booking & Medical Forms to ensure that Special Care Travel is provided with true & accurate details pertaining to the traveler’s care requirements and medical needs. Special Care Travel may request to add complex health plan or individual support strategies that are current and have been signed by the travelers Medical Practitioner. Whilst every care is taken to provide for all your needs made known to us prior to the tour, we require full details of any required medication, medical conditions or disabilities to enable us to support the traveler’s needs. No responsibility can be taken for any conditions or requirements not stated on our Booking and Medical Forms. In the event of an emergency requiring immediate medical attention, the Traveler & their Legal Guardian give Special Care Travel permission for a qualified medical officer to treat them.


SPECIAL CARE TRAVEL PTY LTD provides professional caring service to travelers, however, we accept no liability or responsibility for any injury or loss to traveler’s person or property during or prior to the holiday

I hereby release Special Care Travel Pty Ltd from all liability arising out of or in any way related to any injury or loss suffered by me during, or arising out of, any tour which I may undertake with the company. I agree to indemnify the company from and against any loss, demand, expense or liability whatsoever suffered or incurred as a result of any mis-statement in this application. I agree to repay any monies required to be expended by Special Care Travel Pty Ltd in providing or procuring additional medical facilities or services on my behalf during the tour or as a result of my not having adequate and effective Travel Insurance. I warrant that the information inserted into this application form clearly, fully and accurately states my medical condition and support requirements.


I/We consent to the collection of personal information for the purpose of providing effective service of support by Special Care Travel. I am aware that Special Care Travel Privacy Policy is available from their web site or by request.
I/We consent to Special Care Travel staff to use my money to make purchases for my personal spending. All spending will be documented.
I /We have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them.