Special Care Travel P/L     

Covid 19 Policy and Procedure

The purpose of this document is to give customers of Special Care Travel P/L [SCT] an overview of SCT practices in relation to Covid 19 as at February 2021. This document will be revised to reflect the Government Health advice where necessary.

SCT assume that customers have a level of awareness in relation to Covid 19 and the need to protect themselves and others from the spread of the virus.

SCT have work practices in place to protect staff and customers.

These include the following.

  • Proof of vaccination for all travellers will be required when the vaccine is made available.
  • SCT may request Covid 19 tests be conducted by the traveller and close contacts of the traveller prior to joining the tour. This would not be necessary in most cases. SCT management will instruct traveller.
  • Complete SCT Form 024 Covid 19 Health Questionnaire for each traveller for each tour.
  • Temperature checks for both staff and travellers before and during each tour.
  • All staff mobile phones equipped with QR Code Readers and Covid Safe App activated always.
  • All staff have access to web links and phone numbers required for reporting.
  • Staff are aware of mandatory reporting requirements and will comply.
  • Staff travel with emergency contact details for all travellers.
  • Staff are trained in Covid 19 safe work practices including the use of PPE and hand hygiene.
  • SCT will provide face masks and hand sanitizer when required for staff and travellers.
  • Staff are aware of the latest Government Health advice and will conduct each tour accordingly.
  • Staff are aware of social distancing recommendations for all venues visited.
  • Staff will regularly sanitize all work areas and vehicles with effective disinfectant.
  • SCT reserves the right to cancel the tour due to refusing to be tested, by any person.
  • SCT will conduct each tour with staff and traveller safety at the centre of everything we do.
  • Travellers will need to be compliant with instructions given by staff regarding the use of PPE, hand hygiene and social distancing recommendations.
  • Tour destinations and travel dates may need to vary if restrictions are imposed by authorities.
  • Any changes to tours would be done with consultation with travellers, except in emergency.
  • Where restrictions are imposed with short notice SCT may need to divert or terminate the tour.
  • Where tours need to be cancelled all refunds would be subject to current SCT Terms and Conditions.
  • Wherever possible SCT would assess each such refund considering Covid 19 circumstance.
  • The costs incurred by SCT to assist in managing Covid 19 supports will be at the expense of the traveller. This may include Hotel Quarantining, medical supports, transportation, staff supports, added transportation costs and any other unforeseen costs deemed reasonable by SCT management.
  • As per SCT Terms and Conditions SCT take all care but no responsibility for illness or injury relating to Covid 19.
  • SCT recommend Travel Insurance for all tours and this is mandatory for all overseas tours.
  • Travel Insurance is the responsibility of the traveller as is full disclosure of any pre-existing ailments.
  • We at SCT do not sell Travel Insurance and are not aware of any company that will cover for Pandemics such as Covid 19.

Useful web addresses and contact numbers. 



NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission




New South Wales




South Australia

Western Australia

Australian Capital Territory

Contact Numbers  

National Disability Information Helpline 1800 643 787  

National Health Covid hotline for people with Covid 19 symptoms 1800 022 222

Special Care Travel 1800 800 820 or 07 55383999  mob 0450634398